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In memory of Adam Gabriel Prentice

Six weeks before Adam died.


What is the purpose of this site?

Thank you for visiting the Adam Prentice Memorial Web site. This site is dedicated to Adam Prentice, and to the continued fight for truth and justice regarding his suspicious death. We urge you to help us by reading his story and offering your comments in our Guestbook. You are also invited to sign the petition attached, which is voluntary.

Nothing can ever bring Adam back, but your insights and suggestions might help us unravel the truth about his death, bring us the closure his memory so richly deserves, and prevent another family from experiencing a similar tragedy.

Who was Adam Prentice?

At the time of his death, Adam was a 4.0 Honors Computer Systems Engineering at The University of Massachusetts (UMass) in Amherst, MA. He had been highly recruited by the Engineering Department, and had just started his junior year. On the night of September 27, 1997, while walking home to his dorm through the center of campus, Adam was seriously injured by a stab wound of glass. He died several hours later.

All reported events surrounding his injury are inconsistent, raising serious questions about their credibility. Why then did the university choose to brand him their "poster boy for alcohol abuse" when it became apparent that his suspicious death might influence their reputation if it was ruled anything but accidental? Perhaps you can help us answer this and many other questions.

Tell me about Adam. Where should I begin?

About this site provides a paraphrase of each page in our Web site. We suggest you start here because you can read a summary of each file, and then chose the pages you wish to explore in further detail.

For an overview of how Adam died, the subsequent investigation (or lack thereof), and the concerns regarding the investigation shared by those closest to it, please go directly to the Prentice Article, which was written by Adam's mother, Barbara, for the Graduate Review newspaper in Amherst, MA. The article is addressed to the UMass graduating class of 1999, which would have been Adam's graduating class. Here, you will read about the inconsistencies in the campus police report, the negligence of their department, and the role they played in distorting testimonies and destroying evidence. Tragically, you will also read about how Adam's death could have been prevented had first responders transported him to the trauma center close by.


A $10,000 reward is offered for anyone who has information leading to the arrest, prosecution, and/or conviction of any person(s) involved in Adam's death. Additionally, if you have any information of any kind , whether it be firsthand, heresay, or intuition, please contact us at:

Phone: 508.362.4804
Fax: 508.362.7978
Mail: PO Box 177, Hyannis, MA 02601


To learn more about college crime and inaccuracy in crime-reporting, please visit Security on Campus, Inc.—the watch-dog organization for campus safety in the country:

Security on Campus Website

Click Here To Visit The Non-Profit Security On Campus, Inc., a free resource for students, parents and campus security.

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