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About This Site

Adam's Story: This page is dedicated to Adam's story, and includes a paraphrase of the links and pages within this Web site. We suggest you start here because you can read a short summary of each page, then chose the files you wish to explore further.

Cover Up? provides a detailed account of how Adam died, the subsequent investigation (or lack thereof), and the concerns regarding the investigation shared by those closest to it. The article was written by Adam's mother for the Graduate Review newspaper in Amherst, MA. It is addressed to the University of Massachusetts (UMass) graduating class of 1999; Adam's graduating class.You will read about the inconsistencies in the police report, the negligence of the police department, and the role they played in distorting testimonies and destroying evidence. Tragically, you will also read about how Adam's death could have been prevented had first responders transported him to the trauma center close by.

Roscencrance article was written by Boston journalist Linda Rosencrance, who has been investigating Adam's death since June of 1998. It reinforces issues raised in Adam's Story, and presents additional information uncovered during her investigation!

About Adam is an excerpt from the Eulogy read at Adam's funeral, and was written by Adam's mother, Barbara. It embodies the true character of who Adam was, and what a tragic loss his death was to his family, friends, and community.

Crime Scene Photographs The UMPD destroyed the greenhouse crime scene within forty-five minutes of finding Adam, but they did take a roll of Polaroid film first. Though poor quality, we have published them chronologically from the point of exit to discovery for you to follow along Adam's alleged pathway. Each picture is an investigation in itself, and begs for analysis and answers. For reference, we have included a caption for each outlining our questions and concerns.

Testimony: Read the actual testimony Barbara Prentice gave before the Senate subcommittee on education chaired by Senator Arlen Spector in March of 1998. She had been asked to speak on her experiences with the campus police department and administration at Umass for Security on Campus, Inc, a nonprofit organization devoted to fighting college crime. This agency was established by Connie and Howard Clery in memory of their beloved daughter Jeanne Ann Cleary, who was murdered at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in 1986 by a student she'd never met while sleeping in her dorm room.

Tips and Links includes resources for parents and students to review when selecting a college or university. It also includes links for victims of campus crime, as well as a network of other cases regarding campus crime.

News Articles is a collection of articles written about Adam. We have included the few articles written that earnestly sought to report facts. However, most articles were written from the perspective of the UMPD because the reporters wrote whatever they were told without questioning the inconsistencies or confirming the facts.

Plea for Help describes the pains and frustrations my family faces daily, and begs for information from anyone, however unimportant it seems at the time. We believe that, one day, a presumably insignificant tip will be the piece to the puzzle that solves the mystery.

Time-line lists the events preceding, including and after Adam's death chronologically, and begs for further investigation. This is the perfect page for sleuths and crime-drama buffs. Divided into three sections, the first part of Time-line is a step-by-step review of the actual events surrounding Adam's death on September 27, 1997. The second section details the chronology of the early stages of the investigation run by Adam's mother and how it originated; the third section questions the integrity and professionalism of the UMPD investigation, and includes a set of unanswered questions that were submitted to Assistant District Attorney W. Michael Goggins in the fall of 1998, a former graduate of UMass himself, now a judge.

Dedication includes excerpts from a speech Adam's mother gave at his memorial service on the anniversary of his birthday. During the service, staff from the Barnstable Recreation Department where Adam had worked donated a granite bench in his memory and placed it at Covell's Beach where the service was held; the same beach where Adam learned to swim and had been head lifeguard/swim instructor.

Petition begins with a paraphrase of Adam's death. A grass roots petition follows, requesting that the Adam Prentice investigation be taken from the UMass campus police department and put into the hands of a neutral investigative party. It can be signed electronically and returned by e-mail, or sent traditionally by fax or general mail. Please include all verifiable contact information as specified.

Campus Map profiles the college campus at UMass, Amherst, and the alleged route Adam took when he walked home on the night of September 27, 1997. If police speculations are correct, Adam would have deliberately walked several blocks beyond the pathway to his dorm to get to the greenhouse for reasons we can only guess; highly unlikely, as he had left his friends specifically because he was tired and wanted to go home early.

Guest Book Please leave your feedback in our Guest Book. If you knew Adam, we'd love to read about your reflections and memories.

Other Cases profiles other missing and/or deceased college students whose loved one have also struggled for justice on their behalf. Please take the time to review these cases. They are equally as disturbing as Adam's. We all want what is best for our children and, when we send them off to college, we expect that the school will act with love, honor, and respect toward our children on our behalf, but this simply isn't the case. Unfortunately, if left to chose, the reputation of the university far-outweighs the safety of our children.

Suggestion form gathers information about any visitor who wants to share with us and stores it in our database. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you are willing to share, we thank you sincerely for helping us. One day we do believe we might have answers, and it might come from someone just like yourself who has an idea we hadn't thought of.

Prentice Helpers pays tribute to several individuals who helped the investigation and me in ways I will never be able to repay. As a believer, I know that they were sent to me by God.

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