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Crime Scene Photos

Crime Photos

This page is a compilation of all the crime scene photographs I was able to obtain from the UMPD. Before cleaning the scene without preserving it, an officer was called in to take photographs. The shift commander decided against using the department's 35 millimeter and opted to take these Polaroids instead. They were shot between 1:45 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. on the morning of 9/27/97, right before the clean up.

After Adam's death, the photographer was sent back to take the 35 millimeter pictures included here. Unfortunately, by this time the crime scene had long since been destroyed. The only evidence remaining to document the incident were the prints on the roof and the boarded window panes as seen in the daylight pictures below. These pictures were most likely taken between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Alleged entry at daylight

Alleged entry from a distance at daylight

Adam was alleged to have climbed onto the roof at the entry point now boarded. Note the short height of the roof. Would a four to five foot fall have been great enough a distance to cause so much injury? Note that the roof vent is open. If Adam had truly been attempting to break into the building, wouldn't he have gone in through this opening?

Entry before cleanup

Entry before cleanup

Note the color of the glass; it is painted white.

 Entry after cleanup

Daylight close up of alleged entry

Note the open window vent in all three pictures.

Closeup of entry after cleanup

Closeup of entry after cleanup

Adam allegedly climbed onto the roof, then fell backward through the glass.Yet, these prints indicate that whoever fell through went face-first because the prints are face-down. It also appears that they were made in a desperate attempt to grab onto something. They do not look like the prints of an intoxicated individual who haphazardly crashed through a glass roof without being aware of his surroundings.

In the picture to the right, the print to the distant left of the board is a shoe print; the print to the immediate left is a palm print, and the prints to the far right are finger prints. Again, it appears that, if anyone fell through, it was face-down, not face-up, as UMPD speculates

Face-front close up after cleanup

Facing entry after cleanup

Footprints before cleanup

Footprints before cleanup

To the left, it appears that the footprints are super-imposed. What is the stripe running through the top part of the print? The print to the right is the heal of a palm.

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