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Crime Scene Photos - page 2

Crime Scene Analysis Continued

The picture below was taken before clean up from inside the point of entry looking out. Note the jagged glass. Adam was supposed to have fallen face up and landed on one of these shards. Yet, there were no other cuts, stabs, or scratches on his entire body. The only other injuries found were abrasions on his back, bruises on his wrists, and a bump below his right knee.

Before cleanup from inside point of entry looking out

Entry before cleanup from inside looking out


After cleanup looking down into entry

Looking down into entry after cleanup

The view above was taken from the top of the roof looking down into the greenhouse. Notice the prints on the right. What is the white stripe running across the fingertips?

Table under point of entry

Table under entry

This table was immediately under the point of entry through the roof, and below the picture to your right.

Before cleanup looking up to roof from floor

Second view from inside looking up to entry before cleanup

How did he miss the white pole running through the middle of the entry above?

Point of impact

Point of Impact. Blood trail begins.

Police speculated that Adam landed on the floor above, then paced back and forth, making the two trails of blood.

This door tripped the alarm

When this door opened, it tripped the alarm

Adam allegedly went from the plant area at the point of entry into a storage corridor, where he opened the door above. This door led into another wing of the greenhouse that police say he kicked himself out of.

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