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Crime Scene Photos - page 3

Crime Scene Analysis Continued

Exit window from inside before cleanup

Exit window before cleanup from inside looking out


Adam only had one cut — the stab wound on the left side of his back. How does blood trail down the side of the window panel above? If it was from Adam, he would have had to press his back up against the panel, and the blood would have smudged. This blood is a trailing stream of blood.

Exit window before cleanup


Exit window from outside before cleanup

Adam allegedly kicked himself out of this window; yet, he had no cuts or stabs anywhere on his hands or body. It looks like two separate blood colors. The blood on the actual casing is bright; the blood to the side looks much older and dried.


Exit close up before cleanup

Another closeup of exit before cleanup

Close up of exit window before clean up. It defeats the imagination as to how Adam could have hoisted himself up onto this table to kick himself out with the eight inch shard impaled in his back, but that is what UMPD speculates he did. Note the blood streaming down the far back edge of the table.

Exit from outside looking in

Exit before cleanup from outside looking in

The picture above is a close up of the exit window casing. Would the blood have spattered this much from a back injury? Wouldn't Adam's clothing have absored it?



Exit window from outside

Exit window from outside before cleanup

Adam allegedly kicked himself out through this glass, then crawled toward North Pleasant Street in front of the greenhouse.


Spot where Adam was found on the grass

Adam was found here

Adam was found outside the exit window on the grass between these two greenhouse wings.

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