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Crime Scene Photos - page 4

Three hours before Adam was found

Taken within three hours of finding Adam

Taken just three hours before Adam was found, this picture was given to me by the group who went to the off-campus party (pictured with him above). Adam is third from left. Note his clean, white tee shirt.

In spite of pleas, written requests, including a Freedom of Information Act, UMPD has refused to release Adam's clothes to me so I can have them tested privately. They classify the investigation as "inactive;" yet, they keep what he wore last under their custody.

Why can't I have Adam's clothes?


Same tee shirt after it was cut off

Same shirt after cut off, now blood red

This tee shirt is the same shirt Adam had on in the group picture above. The responding officer at the greenhouse claimed he saw Adam running inside the building in a light tee shirt. This person was seen inside at the same instant as Adam was found outside semi-conscious in the blood-soaked tee shirt above.


Shirt again in the custody of the UMPD

Measuring the entry of the stab wound

Adam's clothes were confiscated by the UMPD and kept for several months after his death before being sent to the Massachusetts crime lab, where the photograph above was taken. They were never tested. Instead, they were returned to the UMPD, where they allegedly are still in custody. Adam's death is classified as "accidental," yet they refuse to release his belongings to me. The stab wound entry is being measured here.

Adam's Jeans

Adam's jeans

Adam's sneakers

Adam's sneakers

Adam's jeans were also photographed after he'd died. I don't know what is being measured by the ruler. To the right, Adam's sneakers were also photographed after his death.

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