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Crime Scene Photos - page 5

Crime Scene Analysis Continued

The eight inch shard


eight inch glass shard

This is the eight inch glass shard pulled from Adam during the autopsy. Unlike the white-painted glass we saw earlier at the greenhouse, this glass is clear. The shard was visible at the scene when police discovered Adam. By the time he was transported to the hospital, it was no longer visible. There is no mention in reports that police ever told anyone else about the impalement, though their own reports state that a piece of glass appeared to be enlodged in the wound. Why is the glass a different color, and why was communication between the parties responsible for Adam's safety so confusing and suspicious?

Actual stab wound

Stab wound

This is the actual stab wound on the left side of Adam's back. There were no other cuts, scrapes, or scratches on Adam's body. You can see the abrasions here, however; note the redness of his skin surrounding the wound.

In Memory

Adam lifeguarding at Covell's

Taken Labor Day 1997 — the last day Adam lifeguarded on Cape Cod, and the last day his mother ever saw him alive.

It shouldn't be this way

Adam's headstone

Lifeguard of Barnstable

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