Time-line of Events: September 27, 1997


Adam at fifteen leading the pack

Adam at fifteen leading the pack

This page was included for crime-drama buffs and anyone else interested in the truth about what happened to Adam Prentice on September 27, 1997. We believe that your interest and intuition regarding these events can offer new information and a different perspective. This section is long and detailed. If you study the events, please take note of any red flags and share your thoughts with us by mail, telephone, e-mail, our Guestbook, or facsimile. We believe that your input will help us solve this case.

To protect the confidentiality of friends and witnesses, the actual names and identities of the individuals interviewed in this time-line have been changed.

Time-line was taken from dispatch logs, reports, and witness statements pertaining to the death of Adam Prentice.

History of Adam's Alleged activities prior to his death:

As reported by Kim Andrews (interviewed at 3:15 p.m. on 9/29/97 by UMPD Detective Flanders, UMass police department):

The UMPD account of Kim’s statement exaggerates her written statement regarding Adam’s sobriety, describing incidents that Kim herself does not write of.


Saturday 9/27/97 Statement of Melanie Stott (Interviewed 9/30/97):

They returned home through Northeast and Worcester Dining Commons, the shortest route that would be the most logical for them to use upon coming from the north side of campus. They returned around 1:30 a.m. and scanned in on Melanie's I.D. card.


Statement By Jeremy Lake (Interviewed 9/29/97)

Jeremy does not place a time on any of the events as he has relayed them.


Interview With David Greer (9/28/97)

Police report discrepancies of interview with David Greer:


Interview With Anthony Bent (9/30/97)

The police account of Anthony’s written statement/interview says that he first saw Adam on 9/26/97. Again, they exaggerate his actual statements regarding Adam’s sobriety, stating that Anthony was concerned for Adam's safety because he was drunk. Anthony wrote that he was concerned for Adam because it was late, and the area was not safe when alone after dark.

12:00 - 1:00 a.m. - On 9/27/97, all five individuals with Adam Prentice state that he left them at a party at Pufton Village to return home alone because he was tired. They state that they never saw him again. It would have taken ten to twenty five minutes to walk or take the bus back to the dorm, given time spent waiting for the bus and the many drop off/pick up stops along the way. He also may have accepted a ride back.

The walkway leading to Adam's dorm was several blocks before the greenhouse when coming from Pufton Village by bus or foot. The bus stops at campus twice before the greenhouse; once after.


What the Logs Say

Below is a listing of suspicious incidents near the greenhouse Adam may have walked into en route to the dorm between 12 - 1:30 a.m. on 9/27/97. All are excerpts from the official UMPD police log. Please note those entries where I have included text in parentheses.

UMPD Media Log:

12:22 - Suspicious person/activity on University drive.
12:56 - Parking complaint on Infirmary Way.
1:02 - Intoxicated person on Sylvan Dr.
1:03 - Annoying behavior - 2 men smashing beer bottles at Hasbrouck. (This incident is directly en route to the dorm and prior to the greenhouses.)
1:11 - Stolen street sign Presidents Ave.
1:16 - Assisting MSP with a ‘35’ - on Presidents Dr. (This incident is directly across the street from the greenhouse and slightly before Adam was found. The code for DRUGS is "35," and it is unethical to code incidents in a log.)
1:20 - Stolen property reported
1:28 - Assist MSP in an ‘unknown’ incident. (What, and where?)
1:29 - E911 Call Alarm and intrusion. (I have requested this E911 call via the Freedom of Information Act, and was told by UMPD chief of police John Luippold that I would be charged in excess of $4,000 to reproduce it.)

1:29-1:48 - Eleven UMPD officers respond to an “intrusion alarm” at a greenhouse: #’s 110, 33, 67, 35, 79, 64, 15, 36, 29, 5, 57, and 202. Adam is found barely conscious on the grass outside, moaning and soaked in fresh blood. UMass Environmental Safety and Hazards Director Kenneth Burdick is called in. Ronald Beckwith, the maintenance supervisor at the greenhouse, is requested to come in for blood cleanup and window-boarding. Amherst police (APD) and Massachusetts state police (MSP) are requested as backup to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

(Why so many police for an “intrusion” alarm at a greenhouse--a physical plant with no material value--and, if it was to save my son, why didn’t they follow written protocol and at least attempt to save him?)

1:41 a.m. - area is stated to be “secure.”
1:52 a.m. Officer 103 follows the ambulance to Cooley Dickinson Hospital (CDH). He will hold Adam’s shoes as evidence.
2:33 a.m. - Adam identifies himself; his identity is confirmed via CORI and UMass ID, which lists his mother as his next of kin. His mother is not notified.
2:52 a.m. - Scene is officially scrubbed, completing blood removal, cleanup and clearing of the scene.
2:54 a.m. - Commander of shift (Thrasher) determines that Adam was alone, and had been in the process of an active breaking and entering (B&E) with malicious intent when he entered the greenhouse by crashing through the roof, and exited by busting through a side wall.

(This determination was made before daylight could reveal hidden evidence, before witnesses or individuals with potential information had been asked to come forward, and after destroying all traces of physical evidence without preserving anything. The "evidence" Thrasher used to prove this speculation was Adam's unclear speech and an “odor of alcoholic beverage” on his breath.)

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UMPD Intrusion Alarm Report from the Greenhouse

1:25 a.m. First Alarm - Allegedly Adam opening inside door to the greenhouse section he presumably kicked himself out of.
1:33 a.m. Another greenhouse alarm - ? Reason not identified.
1:36 a.m. - Alarm again.
1:44 a.m. - And again?? Reason not identified.
UMPD states that there was a 4 minute delay from actual alarm to the time received because the clocks at the station differed from the clocks controlling the alarm at the greenhouse.



States that the 1:28 a.m. incident was an arrest for marijuana and outstanding warrant on (name withheld) after 3 individuals ran a red light at the intersection of Presidents Ave. and North Pleasant St. This is diagaonally across the street from the greenhouse.



12-1:45 a.m. 9/27/97 - Approximately 12 arrests on North Pleasant St. near the greenhouse.

1:32 a.m. - Officer #38, M. Kent of APD, is dispatched, responds, and arrives at the greenhouse all within 1 minute! Even faster than the UMPD, who arrive at 1:36 a.m. How did he arrive first, if the only call was an intrusion alarm that was wired into the UMPD police department itself? Kent was an officer with the Town of Amherst police dept., which was not wired to the greenhouse.


Amherst Fire Department Dispatch Log

1:32 a.m. - First ambulance is dispatched - According to the UMPD explanation regarding the E911 call -- how could the ambulance be dispatched at 1:32 a.m, when it wasn't allegedly even called until the UMPD arrived and found Adam at 1:36 a.m?
1:37 a.m. - Arrival - Attendees question if Adam has a puncture to back at all. Their reports state that, "Police say he may have been cut by glass." (Didn't they bother to do their own expert medical evaluation? Are police competent to tell THEM the diagnosis?)
1:51 a.m. - Ambulance departs from the greenhouse. A swarm of police officers and two ambulances had responded; yet Adam was allowed to depart with only one attendant riding in the back with him. He was not restrained securely.
2:04 a.m. - Ambulance arrives at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.


Cooley Dickinson Report - 9/27/97

2:10 arrival.
2:20 Sent to ER to await an X-ray.
2:34 a.m. Adam identifies himself. Officer Ortiz radios the station, then leaves with Adam's personal belongings. According to the UMPD police report, the ER doctor tells Ortiz on the way out that Adam is going “to be fine.”
2:40 Re-establish IV that Adam had ripped out in ambulance due to understaffed manpower.
3:00 X-ray detects glass that police had noted in their reports on site at 1:29 a.m.--
3:15 a.m. Await paperwork to transport to Bay State.
3:35 a.m.Still awaiting paperwork for transport, Adam goes into Cardiac Arrest - he is brought from ambulance back inside to stabilize with compressions.
3:40 Leave in second ambulance for Bay State Trauma Center.
3:54 Full cardiac arrest continues in ambulance for most of the ride to Bay State.
3:59 Upon arrival at Bay State, CPR continues with open heart massage.
4:07 Adam Prentice is pronounced dead.


Questions Regarding Time-line
Compiled By Barbara R. Prentice

Town of Amherst Police Department

Summary of Questions and Concerns resulting from the 9/27/97 Computer Aided Dispatching Media Log Report, System HTE, Program CAD305 for the Town of Amherst Pol. Dept. (not campus police dept.)

Concerns with Amherst Police Dept. CAD Narrative (Dispatcher Royce)

• 00:10 X1 advises NUMEROUS troopers are in town; 1 has an APD portable. Why are so many troopers in town?
• 00:34 Motor vehicle arrest made by #38 (Kent) on N. Pleasant St.
• Arrest at 1:34.
• Arrest at 1:37 - MSPolice bring in an arrest with a straight warrant. Time doesn’t match the State Police Report. 2 a.m. MSPolice arrest bailed already. Mass State Police Report states that, at approximately 1:30 a.m, a car running a red light at North Pleasant and Presidents Drive (diagonally south to the greenhouse) was stopped. Occupants were ID checked; all were advised of receipt of pending marajuana summons; one male was arrested for warrant, “Fail to Appear,” and brought to APD for holding until bail ($25) was met.

• UMPD Dispatch Log states that, from 1:20 a.m. to 1:34 a.m, Bike Patrol #5 Don Robinson is assisting MSP with an incident at Presidents Ave. (Same location). What time does Robinson appear at the greenhouse? UMPD log says at exactly 1:34 a.m. What is this other incident that is happening at the same location?


Summary for thought ("For thought" sections are ideas needing follow-up):

#36 Is Grader (Base Commander). Nothing is included in the report from him. #36 cancels #35 (Robinson) request for 35 Mm. Wouldn’t Grader have to write/approve report as the base commander of the shift?

2:33 a.m. #57 says primary contact has arrived. Where? What does this mean? Who is #57? He was allegedly with (another student -- name withheld -- who had been brought to Cooley Dickinson Hospital with a severely injured hand from a glass cut to the inside), at 2:10 a.m. from John Adams Dorm. At 4:27 a.m. #57 is sent back to secure scene. Who is #45? Notified at 4:25 a.m.

5:20 a.m. Why does Cooley Dickinson call the UMPD to say that #103 did a great job at the ER? For not telling them about Adam's impalement?


Summary for thought: Umass police report Questions And Concerns

Summary for thought: Intrusion Alarm Print Out

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UMPD Officer and Detective Reports

Narrative Report Of Officer D. C. Booth (David) typed 10/22/97

Summary of Concerns


Narrative Report Of Officer David Ortiz

Summary Concerns

• Ortiz’ report ends abruptly as he, Mark and Kidwell leave for Kim’s room. Why? Why does Ortiz sound surprised about (1) severe bloodloss (2) glass impalement, when he had personally noted both himself at the scene?

• What do American Medical Response personnel Christina Hernon and Michael Hunter say about Adam’s condition?


Narrative Report By Officer Lisa Kidwell:

• Kidwell and Gordon assist Ortiz with interviews at Field at 4:40 a.m.
• While en route to Kim’s, Mark, Gordon and Kidwell find Jeremy in the hall.
• 4:30 Barbara Prentice is notified by Dr. Tehrani that her son is dead, and to get details from the UMPD.
• 4:40 - UMPD officers arrive at Field dorm, storming the halls. Adam’s friends are not comfortable talking with them as they are asking questions about Adam without telling them why. They are not separated, and only questioned generally. They are not interviewed privately until 3 days to a week after Adam’s death.
• 4:40 a.m. Officer Gordon is told by David Greer that they had last seen Adam at 19 Hobart Lane, not Pufton Village. He later changes his story during an interview to agree with the statements made by the others.
• 5:40 - I notify Mark Pratt, Adam’s room mate and childhood friend that Adam is dead, and he informs the residents of Field dorm. Officers Kidwell and Gordon, who are still at the dorm, are angry that I have called, and notify University Health Services (UHS) to have psychiatric help ready as they would be transporting approximately 8 parties needing assistance.
• At UHS, Kidwell again questions David about seeing Adam last. David tells her that he walked with Adam around the party at Hobart, then walked with him toward the North Pleasant bus stop, where he left him. David never mentions Pufton.
• A short time later, after “meeting with other members of the group Mr. Tatosian advised ‘Kidwell’ that he was mistaken about the earlier events that he had been at Pufton after the party at Hobart Lane.”

Summary Concerns

• Was David’s statement tainted from the others’ influence? Had he seen Adam at Hobart last? Had they all lied about Hobart, or had David gone back to Hobart with Adam?
• Based on investigative journalist Judy Hooper’s conversation with Kathy Sann, Detectives Grabiec and Flanders had indicated David had walked partially back to campus with Adam. Two weeks earlier, a student was stabbed in the neck by a broken glass beer bottle at Hobart. The Collegian article regarding the stabbing incident is archived at the college. For reference, the former Web site address where the article used to be published to is:

• Why was this injured, stabbed student taken directly to Bay State Medical, but Adam, just 2 weeks later, was taken to Cooley Dickinson?


Narrative Report Of Officer R. A. Thrasher

• Thrasher is shift commander.
• 1:29 a.m. he receives a transmission from station sending Booth and Ortiz to Morrill Greenhouse for an intrusion alarm.
• Lt. Grader (#36) is the station commander, and is on President’s Dr. He is listed (#36) as involved in the assist MSP incident at the same time.
• Thrasher says that Grader responds from the President Dr. location.
• Thrasher pulls to the front of Morrill Science as all other units reported approaching from other directions.
• Lt. Michael Kent (APD) is “in the process of passing by” and pulls up with Thrasher.
• Thrasher asks for his assistance in determining a B&E.
• Booth radios he believes he had someone in the building then reported they were outside between the greenhouses.
• Thrasher approaches Booth’s location south of Morrill; west of the greenhouses.
• They observe a male subject on the ground.
• Believing this is a live action B&E they request him to put his hands out.
• Both place flashlight beams on Adam.
• They observe Adam rolling on the ground covered in fresh blood, moaning.
• Ortiz got a 1st aid kit from Thrasher’s car.
• Thrasher, upon Booth’s observance, notes a left alley window has been smashed.
• He notes that the glass on the ground was pushed out from the inside.
• Thrasher believes Lt. Kent and Grader (just off the MSP assist?) enter from the window, but Thrasher does NOT enter the interior at any point.
• Adam was moaning and mumbling so Thrasher couldn’t understand him.
• Adam was on his face. Thrasher stopped him by holding down his left arm.
• Ortiz was holding down the right arm.
• Thrasher finds the laceration on Adam’s left side.
• Thrasher describes Adam as being very pale, damp with a smell of alcoholic beverage, approx. 20 and male.
• Thrasher notes the laceration has what appears to be a “small, dark colored piece of glass that caught in the light of someone’s flashlight” behind him.
• Thrasher directly contradicts Ortiz by saying, “not wishing to push the glass into the wound further we placed the trauma dressing on the wound to stop the bleeding.” (Ortiz had stated earlier that Thrasher had told him to apply pressure to the wound, which he had).
• Thrasher says he and Ortiz cut off Adam’s clothes; Ortiz said just Thrasher had.
• Thrasher believes the blood was welling from the rectal area.
• Thrasher calls for any available PSO or police units to the scene to help secure it.
• He is not sure what had occurred.
• EMT1 Gillespie and Paramedic Corriera from AFD approach.
• Thrasher advises that Adam has “unknown mechanism of injury, but possibly had gone through glass.”
• Thrasher pulled away trauma pad and Ortiz advised they believed there was something impaled in the wound... (Was it already enlodged beyond visibility?)
• Thrasher and crew prevent Adam from rolling about.
• Robinson (#5) and Gordon (#29) called from Morrill roof. Thrasher directs them to secure the scene with Booth.
• Adam is loaded onto a scoop stretcher face down into AFD ambulance A-14.
• MSP troopers assigned to assist the APD are directing vehicles and pedestrians.
• Lt. Maroni of MSP is the Detail Commander. Thrasher talks to him briefly.
• Entry point is found by Lt. Grader and officers Booth, Kidwell, Robinson, Gordon.
• PSO’s Genza is requested by Thrasher to secure alley entry; #61 Onibaku is placed on the east side of Morrill by Clarke Hall.
• PSO supervisor #79 Walsh has Polaroid Spectra.
• Thrasher directs Gordon to photograph the scene.
• Robinson shows Thrasher alleged point of entry.
• Thrasher makes a point of describing darkness on west side due to tree and building.
• The interior lights were OFF as well.
• Robinson shows Thrasher the “marks” on the glass. The glass is clear, spray-painted white. The walls are a red brick.
• Thrasher calls LaFlamme, the dept. 35 mm photographer, to photograph the scene because he was, “still unsure what had happened... Ofc. Gordon noted to make a note that the Polaroid photos may be of a poor quality due to lighting.”
• Lt. Grader suggested taking the Polaroids in daylight, and cancelled LaFlamme.
• Ortiz is instructed to follow the ambulance and secure Adam’s shoes.
• Thrasher left Booth to finish photo-taking and speak to greenhouse staff.
• Thrasher clears the scene, reviewing briefly with Lt. Grader.

Summary Thrasher Concerns:

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Detective Flanders Narrative Report

• Flanders was contacted by Det. Lt. Grabiec at 4:45 a.m. on 9/27/97.
• Arrives at station and both talk with Ortiz, Robinson, Kidwell and Gordon.
• Quotes that Gordon and Kidwell state no further interviews can be conducted with Adam’s friends, now at UHS, due to the “emotional state and varying levels of alcohol consumption.”
• Reported death to Hampshire County CPAC and spoke with Trooper Steven Hughes of MSP (no report on file from him currently).
• Dr. Richmond of the Medical Examiner's office, Providence Hospital, Holyoke conducts autopsy at 1 p.m. Present is UMPD Lt. Grabiec, Dets. Flanders and LaFlamme (photos), McGrath and Gordon.
• Grabiec receives 8 in. long shard of glass, 7/8 in. wide, tapering to a point. It was bagged and labeled by Grabiec at the ME office, and booked into evidence upon return as property number 97-1428-PR.
• Dr. Richmond states that cause of death is massive blood lossdue to injuries sustained by the penetrating glass.

9/28/97 - Det. Flanders and Hagan interview David Greer; David states that he arrived on the 3rd floor around 10 p.m. on 9/26/97 (see David Greer statement prior, taken from his personal written excerpts).

• David states he did not see Adam drink after 10 p.m. when he joined the group, but was told he had been drinking earlier.
• David does not mention that Kim and Adam left from 10-11.
• David states that Adam did not drink at the party either, though others did drink.
• David states that Adam wanted to leave, and David couldn’t force him not to.
• David watched Adam walk in the direction of UMass.

9/29/97 2:30 p.m. Flanders interviews Jeremy Lake at police station (see his statement).
• Jeremy has no recollection of time.
• Jeremy and Adam drink shots and beer.
• Jeremy does not mention Kim and Adam going out.
• Jeremy says the group left for Hobart Ln. around 11 p.m.
• Jeremy sees Adam on the couch at the party with Anthony and Kim.
• Jeremy doesn’t think it unusual that Adam doesn’t leave the party with them.
• Jeremy was upset and emotional during the interview.

9/29/97 3:15 p.m. Det. Flanders interviews Kim Andrews (see her statement).

• Kim and Adam hang out at 7 p.m. on 9/26/97.
• Adam drank between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.
• Kim and Adam went for a walk, where Kim noted Adam began sobering up.
• They left Field around 11 p.m. and arrived at Pufton party 12 to 12:30 a.m.
• Kim tried to get Adam to relax as he wanted to leave right away.
• When Kim found Adam gone she wanted to run after him.
• Kim had a bad feeling as soon as Adam was discovered missing.
• The group returned to the dorm around 1:30 a.m.

9/30/97 at 9:10 a.m. - Det. Flanders interviews Anthony Bent (see his statement) at the police station.

• Anthony runs into Adam at 9 p.m. on 9/26/97.
• Anthony does not mention that Adam and Kim leave.
• Anthony says that all go to the party from Field.
• They go to Pufton instead of Hobart when they notice a news crew at Hobart.
• Anthony did not know anyone at Pufton but Ed (Ed Stephen).
• Anthony was scared for Adam when he said he was leaving and thought he’d be in danger.

Summary Of Concerns Regarding Police Compilation Of Witness Statements

• Each witness statement as reported by police differ from actual written witness statements. Emphasis on drunkeness and alcohol abuse is emphasized in police compilation but not in actual witness statements. Witness statements emphasize concern with Adam being alone in the community on his way home.

10/3/97 - Det. Flanders asked Det. J. Jeronimo of the Amherst Police Dept. to inquire about the residents of 214 Pufton Village (identified by Melanie during her interview with Det. McGrath) regarding the party (Pufton is off-campus; thus, the Town of Amherst police have jurisdiction) - request his report?

• Jeronimo identifies occupants as (names withheld; three males) - all are UMass students.
• Management had received complaints of a large party at that address.
• Luippold tells Flanders about the phone calls to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.
• 10/6/97 - Grabiec talks to reporter Steven Pfarrer of the Gazette. He says Pfarrer has 3rd to 4th party knowledge and believes it wasn’t credible. Call investigation dropped.
• 10/10/97 - Luippold, Grabiec, Flanders, Asst. assistant DA W. Michael Goggins and MSP Trooper Steven Hughes meet regarding Adam’s investigation.
• Goggins is satisfied with investigation.
• MSP Hughes urges UMPD to obtain a signed release by Barbara Prentice for Adam’s medical records at CDH and Bay State Medical Center. No report by Hughes is currently included within documents.
• 10/11/97 Dr. Richmond rules Adam’s death accidental, advising that his blood alcohol level was .12, above the .08 limit to operate a motor vehicle in MA.
• 12/12/97 - Det. Flanders speaks with Lt. Cary Maroni, MSP (the detail commander ‘directing traffic’ 9/27/97 at greenhouse) assigned to Amherst specifically BECAUSE of excessive Homecoming parties.
• Maroni was questioned about an encounter at Lot #44 UMass around 1:04 a.m. (perfect timing--what is this incident?)
• Maroni says it concerned an intoxicated female escorted by friends (this doesn’t rule out running into Adam - who is female/where is this report?)
• Maroni had “stopped” at the greenhouse scene to offer assistance and, when he asked (WHO?) how Adam was doing, he was told the ETOH was high...

More Concerns -

•Report to Amherst Police Dept. on Jeronimo?
• Find and interview Pufton occupants.
• MSP Trooper Steven Hughes report, including autopsy, meeting on 10/10, Martha’s Vineyard, investigation of college professors.
• Any report by Lt. Maroni, Detail Commander providing extra patrols?
• Write to Dr. Richmond to request consideration of changing accidental death ruling to undetermined based on Dean Wideman report and unfounded speculations concluded by UMPD.


10/15 - 10/18/97 Investigation Continues -

• Student Security Officer Karla Kleinbergs called re: two males throwing beer bottles at 12:56 a.m. on 9/27/97.
• Incident was near Hasbrouck Lab. Gives good physical description. Carrying glass 6-packs.
• UMPD dispatched a car at 1:06 a.m. but couldn’t find them. 97-12242 listed as unfounded.
• Karla K. escorting (name withheld) who Flanders plans to interview.
• Flanders and Hagan interview (names withheld) of 214 Pufton Village. 75-100 attended the party. Neither remembered Adam. (Names withheld) were requested to call but no follow up was completed.
• 10/16/97 Flanders and Hagan obtain ambulance report from AFD. It contradicts police report description, describing wound as 2 in. laceration.
• Police report says Adam was secured prone in scoop; they quote ambulance report to state that Adam is combative, ripped out both IV’s, removed 02 mask and admitted to drinking “alot of ETOH.” (Obviously he wasn't "secured.")
• 10/16/97 Flanders and Hagan conversed with Glen Barrington of UMass transit. Flanders spoke with Tina Knightly and found that Amherst police officers Nelson, Gundersen and Chudzik were riding the busses as part of detail. (Gundersen is listed in the APD log as bringing in an arrest to the APD around 1:45 a.m.) Nelson and Gundersen said they did not recognize Adam on the bus from his picure. Chudzik to be contacted - get his report.
• 10/17/97 Flanders and Grabiec interview Booth re: 2nd person.
• Booth said the person he saw “inside the greenhouse had to have been Adam because the clothing description matched what Adam was wearing.”
• Booth re-enacts his approach and recalls now that he can see entire west side.
• Booth parks on North Pleasant St, proceeds on foot. (Did witness see him?)
• Booth sees a subject with a light shirt inside the first greenhouse as he approaches from the southwest corner of Morrill Science Center. This person is in plain view as he approaches. Booth never hears broken glass, and would have been walking directly toward the greenhouses. He thought there was someone else inside at first but “didn’t realize the person he saw inside was Adam Prentice.”
• Flanders reports the 4 min. alarm discrepancy from the CAD system and alarm system. The 1st is attributed to the intrusion which summoned units; the 2nd to men while searching (though no one is singled) and the last two evidently during the search as well. The alarms are staggered 4 min. beginning with the first at 1:25 (really 1:29) and the 2nd at 1:36 with response of all parties present at actual time of 1:40.
• RE: Chief Luippold’s questions on Rolling Green to Prentice family, Ortiz tells Flanders when asked that an ER nurse referenced Rolling Green when attempting to ascertain Adam’s address. This is not where Chief said R. Green was mentioned. He said Adam stated it at the greenhouse. He said this to us personally when touring my family through the greenhouse during our visit to pick up Adam's possessions. He also brought it up again back at Administration.
• Ortiz quotes the ER doctor at CDH as saying, “Adam’s going to be fine.”


Summary of concerns for 10/15 - 10/17

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10/18/97 - 10/22/97 Continuation of Report

Summary of Concerns 10/18-10/20


10/21-10/31/97 Continuation of Report

Summary Of Concerns 10/21-10/31/97