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Other Cases

Other Cases

While investigating Adam's death I have talked with other families who have also experienced the loss of a loved one under suspicious circumstances while at college. Their stories are profiled here. You can take steps to avoid campus crime by reading about the Cleary Act and studying campus crime statistics before joining a college community. All students and their parents should assess the safety of each prospective school prior to decision-making. Please take the initiative to become proactive. It could save your child's life!

Suzanne Lyall was last seen on March 2, 1998 after leaving her part-time job in an Albany, NY, shopping mall. Witnesses said she was on the bus headed back to her dorm at the University of Albany/Upton campus. Many students saw her exiting the bus at Collins Circle around 9:45 p.m. just 300 feet from her dorm. However, Suzanne never returned to her room, and she hasn't been seen again since. If you have any information regarding Suzanne, please E-mail, or contact the New York State Police at 1-800-920-4150 or write to PO Box 38102 Albany, NY 12203-8102.

Suzanne Lyall

In 1997 midway through his freshman year at college, Bryan Nisenfeld walked out of his class at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, and was never seen again. Later that year his ankle and foot were found close by on Hog Island. Shortly before his disappearance, Bryan reported that he was being harassed. In spite of Bryan's reports, when he disappeared his parents were not notified for six days, nor was his disappearance investigated aggressively by any party other than his family for months. While Bryan's parents frantically searched for their son, Roger Williams University was entrenched in its position of denial and cover-up. For almost three years the disappearance of Bryan Nisenfeld remained a mystery. Even more of mystery: why was no one concerned?

Bryan Nisenfeld

Kristin Smart was last seen in the company of fellow Cal Poly student Paul Flores. Several days after Kristin's disappearance, cadaver dogs called in to assist in the search led police to Flores' dorm room. After originally giving conflicting stories, Flores has since refused to cooperate with police, and has dropped out of school. The investigation was jeopardized from the beginning because Flores was allowed to remove all of his belongs from his dorm room without supervision. Since then, Paul has continued to evoke the Fifth Amendment, further hindering the investigation.

Kristin Smart

Within hours of Robbie Nottingham's death in March of 2003 at East Tennessee State University, ETSU officials announced it was a suicide. Robbie was found on the ground beneath his three-story dorm room balcony shortly after returning from his parents' home after spring break. The crime scene was cleaned within minutes of discovering Robbie's body without preserving any forensic evidence. Robbie was a popular member of a fraternity and a serious student. He'd just enjoyed a relaxing break with his family. His alarm clock was set for an early ROTC meeting before his first class the next morning. Alcohol and drug tests taken during his autopsy were all negative. Friends and neighbors described Robbie as a happy-go-lucky guy who was joking and talking to everyone he saw that evening. Does his death sound like a suicide to you?

Robbie Nottingham

Kristine Kupka left her sister Kathy a phone message on the morning October 24, 1998. She stated that she was going out with the father of her unborn baby, Darshanand Persaud, also known as Rudy, to help him clean his new apartment and that she would call later. Kathy never heard from her 28 year old pregnant sister again. Kristine, a Baruch College student in New York City was 5 months pregnant and looking forward to a life as a single mother. Rudy was the baby's father and Kristine's teacher at Baruch. When Kristine informed Rudy that she was pregnant, he told her that he was married. Tension rose between Kristine and Rudy over the pregnancy. He feared that it would ruin his life and his family would shun him. He pleaded with her to have an abortion. She feared him and told her roommate "If anything happens to me, Rudy did it."

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