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Tips and Links about campus crime

This file includes a list of Web sites and resources for parents and students to access when selecting a college or university. Additionally, victims of campus crime will find links to other active investigations and unsolved cases.

Parents Against Corruption and Coverup Logo

Parents Against Corruption and Cover-up was founded by Tom Burkett and his wife, the late Beth George, shortly after the 1991 murder of their son, Tommy Burkett. The site includes a compilation of files related to Tommy's murder and subsequent cover-up by the departments investigating his suspicious death, including the FBI, Fairfax County police, Virginia state police, and Marymount University. The Burketts also established the coverup quilt, which is comprised of hand-sewn quilt squares profiling the stories of one hundred and fifty other coverup cases. You can view Adam's quilt here:

I remember seeing Tommy's story profiled on Unsolved Mysteries years ago. I wondered then, as I still do now, how such an obvious crime could be overlooked by so many "authorities." Based on the magnitude of this tragedy, I can't help but wonder if this young man's life was wrecklessly disregarded like Adam's because he knew something that interfered with someone else's reputation?

If the death of Tommy Burkett continues to be ruled a "suicide" without a thorough examination of each point raised throughout his site, are we not giving our municipal police departments the leeway to "write their own rules" for investigating each suspicious death within our communities?


Underage Drinking Fatalities

The link below is from a site dedicated to the deaths of college students due to alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, and other types of substance abuse. Adam's death is often lumped with the alcohol-related deaths. This article states that Adam died after "crashing through the greenhouse roof." What I have learned about the media is that they are often spoon-fed from the police. I have to assume that it is simply easier for them to reiterate shoddy police-reporting than it is to go into the field and investigate. Not once was I called by most of these journalists. I include this article here only because it arms parents with facts about binge drinking.

Personal Safety for Students

This site is compiled by Leslie Bowman, M.S.ED., a personal safety expert who provides services for high school and college students. It profiles all the reasons why campus law enforcement and university officials are slow to investigate campus crimes.

US Department of Education Links

The OPE Campus Security Banner

Don't send your child to college without accessing the resources in the OPE Campus Security Statistics Web site. Here, you will find reports on criminal offenses for over 6,000 colleges and universities, as well as security statistics on colleges of all settings; from large, urban cities to small liberal arts colleges and community colleges.

US Dept. of Education logoThe Department of Education assists schools in providing a safe environment for students nationwide, and is well-informed about campus security. Concentration on safety awareness is in direct response to the Campus Security Act of 1990, propelled by Connie and Howard Clery after their daughter Jeanne was murdered in her dorm room while sleeping by a student she'd never met who had broke in. The Department is committed to ensuring that postsecondary institutions are in full compliance with that Act, and will by law enforce any institution that is not.

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