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Time Line - continued (2)

Continuation of Report 11/11 - to 12/98

  • 11/11/97 - (Name withheld) made a statement at police station that he heard Adam was chased and pushed, and that others had heard this, too. Flanders writes this off as speculation (as his own theory is).
  • Steve Szkotak, editor at Gazette, took 2 calls re: Adam. One female said friends were with Adam; he attempted to scale the greenhouse and fell.
  • The 2nd female said he attempted to flee from the greenhouse and struggled violently with the UMPD officers. Both were anonymous.
  • 9/15/98 - Student Michael Conlon attends a lecture by Professor R. Faulkner, who deviated from his lecture (the class was in Sociology and Deviance) to discuss Adam’s death. He said that “this cannot leave the room." He mentioned the possibility of a school cover up. That he had specific information regarding the fact that someone else was at the scene. Three of them - all sociology majors. He told Michael after class he could find out who the students were by the other professor who knew them. Michael pressed him to do so--he then said the other professor had probably forgotten their names. He said he did not want to get involved with police. Needed - the roster for 9/97 of the other professor.
  • 10/6/98 - Det. Flanders and Lt. Soutier (MSP) question Prof Faulkner (506 Thompson) at his office. Faulkner offered the Pufton Party story, citing that the information had come from a female student. Neither detective pressed for the information Faulkner had “sworn the class to secrecy to,” and left with the name of the 2nd professor, Christopher Hurn (508 Thompson).
  • 2/98 - Flanders interviews (name withheld) via phone RE: cut hand. (Student) is next to Adam at CDH emergency room. Incident was down-played. (Name withheld) who administered initial first aid to (this student with cut hand), believes he had just gotten back to dorm. Time frame was 12:30-1:40 a.m, 9/27/97. She knows that the dorm door was propped open for easy access.
  • 2/98 - Flanders arranges MVineyard interview of 3 students (Prof. Faulkner had said there were 3 witnesses) based on new information from Det. McGrath: (former UMass student - Sociology), (two high school students), who all work for David Knauf.
  • Det. Lt. MSP Soutier, Flanders and McGrath are present.
  • Report by McGrath RE: David Knauf around 3/15/98 - Speaks to Michael Fusia, former tavern owner in Amherst. Said his friend “Gibby,” who lives on M. Vineyard, had info regarding “the kid who went through the greenhouse.” Gibby is David Knauf, who McGrath knew outside of work. Gibby, contacted on 3/16/98 by phone, stated that (one of the high school students) told him he’d been with Adam when Adam was injured--said Adam had been dared to climb over--that he was with two other friends, walking “up the street with ‘this kid’ with a group of people, when a couple of ‘kids’ dared this one kid to climb over the greenhouse.” Everyone took off when he fell through. Gibby states that (one of the high school students) gave explicit detail of the incident, and who he was with. They ran into the greenhouse incident hopping from party to party.
  • 11/16/98 - Dr. Richmond reviews evidence with Grabiec and Flanders at her office.
  • 11/20/98 - Dr. Richmond and Mario, her assistant, view scene in person. Remains “Accidental” cause of death.
  • 11/23/98 Assistant DA Goggins re-visits scene with Cheif Luippold, Grabiec, Flanders, and Soutier from MSP.
  • 12/22/98 - Soutier of MSP finally interviews Prof. Hurn, with Flanders present. He is quoted as stating that a female housemate of Adam’s talked to him and he only remembered her saying that Adam had been drinking... No further prompting to confirm Michael Conlan’s statement was initiated, and Prof. Hurn’s roster was not requested. Rather, Hurn looked at Faulkner’s and said that no names looked familiar...
  • There is a Michael J. Kent on Faulkner’s 9/97 roster. Same Kent of the Amherst Police Dept?

Summary Of Concerns From 11/11/97 - 12/98

  • Soutier Reports Re: Vineyard and professors.
  • Professor Christopher Hurn’s rosters 9/97.
  • Brian Nascimento report Re: M. Conlan
  • 8/31/98 - Dr. Karl Selavka will not be operating the MSP serology lab for 6 Mos, but that chemist Paul Zambella had performed tests? And saw no evidence of multiple bleeders on the evidence ... What tests, and how are the results interpreted?
  • Clothes brought to the MSP Lab in Sudbury, MA, by Flanders on 7/20/98. It appears that the report by Zambella was conducted by the naked eye, and says the blood is consistent with the victim.

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Page 1 - Summary of Concerns Re: Receipt of Valuables

On 9/27/98, the Chief Medical Examiner’s Western Regional Office released a piece of glass as evidence to University of Massachusetts Police Detective Barry Flanders.

The piece of glass is alleged to be 8 inches long, per photographs taken of it next to a ruler. In the photographs, the glass is clear, and shaped like a butcher knife.

In the photographs of the glass viewed at the site of the incident before cleanup, the glass visible is covered with a white opaque similar in color to snow. As the glass photographed is perfectly clear, what happened to the white frost? Upon examining remnants of glass left behind in the 90 min. cleanup, it was noted that the frost is very hard to remove--indeed, it must be scraped to be removed. Why is the glass removed from Adam’s back wiped clean of blood and prints, and who is responsible for cleaning it??

Glass retrieved at the scene by Barbara Prentice, mother of Adam, as late as 5/98 is also frosted in color, and is still very difficult to remove.

As of today, 6/28/98--nine months after Adam’s death, I have not been allowed to view the glass.

As of 4/27/03, I have still not been able to view the glass or take Adam's belongings home.


Summary of Concerns RE: Cori Report

On 9/27/97 at 2:39 a.m, the UMPD referenced Adam’s name and birthdate to the criminal history systems board. The only appearance displayed was a dismissal in 8/95 for “minor is possession.”

This incident was in relation to a supper barbecue held at a beach in Sandwich for Barnstable lifeguards. At the time of the charge, 25 lifeguards were present. A keg of beer was on the beach which no one had touched. A 23 yr. old guard was bringing it to an evening party later that night. All 25 guards were arrested and charged for minor in possession but the 23 year old guard had purchased it, and it was still unopened.

As no one had actually drank any of the beer, charges were dismissed, and the individuals paid court fees instead.

The CORI check was initiated and completed before Adam died. Yet, I was told I hadn’t been informed of the injury because he wasn’t able to identify himself. The UMPD report states that Adam had indeed identified himself verbally, and his picture ID was in his pocket, but they had neglected to look, even though it was the most logical location for a man to carry his ID.

In a conversation with Chief Luippold just hours after Adam’s death, he referred to this incident as Adam’s “history of alcohol abuse...” he was more interested in Adam’s dismissed court record than he was in investigating how, why, and possibly by whom, Adam had been injured.


Concerns with Incident Report

  • Adam’s incident is reported as #: 97-1130- at 1:29 a.m.
  • Call #: 97-12246 is reported at 3:47 a.m.
  • It is reported to have occured between 1:29 and 1:34 a.m. on 9/27/97.
  • Reporter Officer is D.C. Booth, Assisting Officer D. Ortiz, Approving Officer R.A. Thrasher, assigned detective M.R. Grabiec, Jr. None of the above signed the report, which is dated 10/22/1997--almost one month after Adam’s death.
  • Offense #1 is listed as Destruction of Property +$250, with malicious intent. Adam had been suspected of breaking and entering into the greenhouse. Under offense 1, it states that he is suspected of using alcohol and while attempting to burglarize/vandalize the greenhouse.
  • Offense #2 is listed as Intrusion alarm - medical emergency. Again, is states Adam was suspected of using alcohol.
  • The first victim of this incident is listed as the Board of Trustees of UMass, Amherst.
  • The second victim is listed as Adam G. Prentice, and it states that he has a severe laceration.
  • On the 2nd page of the Incident Report, there are two “involved participants” mentioned: Laura Slotnick and Tamar Soferr. However, there is no indication that these two women were interviewed, nor is there a written statement provided by either. I do not know why they were mentioned in the report.
  • Under “suspect” on this page, Adam Prentice is described as being 5’10 in, 160 lbs, stocky in build, and light brown in complexion. Adam Prentice was 5’3 in, 130 lbs, lean and muscular in build, and Caucasian.
  • Under “other properties” of this page, 20 photos of broken glass from the greenhouse are mentioned. I received 18.
  • The windows allegedly broken by Adam when he entered and exited the building are listed as having been destroyed on 10/4. Why not preserved as evidence and tested?
  • Thirty five mm negatives and photo prints numbering 25 are listed as evidence. I was only given 19 photographs.
  • An intrusion alarm print out is listed as evidence. The intrusion alarm report has 12 recorded alarms noted from ?approximately (illegible) 1:25 a.m. to 2:27 a.m.
  • The UMPD has never returned Adam’s clothes. Yet, his clothes are not listed on this report as evidence, or as being in their custody. They have in possession: a) jeans; b) boxer shorts; c) tee shirt; d) socks; e) sneakers. His mother has requested these clothes be released to a neutral party for testing of another’s blood. Request denied. His mother has asked the state lab to test his clothing. Request denied.
  • Due to shoddy police work by cleaning the scene of the crime within 90 minutes without preserving it there is no evidence to determine WHO was inside bleeding. There is virtually no physical evidence to prove that the entry/exit breaks were due to Adam Prentice. Rather, due to the only physical evidence remaining (his body), it is very improbable--if not impossible, that Adam Prentice was inside the greenhouse because:
    • Adam had virtually no other cuts, scrapes, scratches punctures or stabs on his body but the 8 in. impalement the medical examiner described as a “stab wound of glass.”
    • Adam did have a bruise on his right wrist from the restraints made by the three police officers who restrained him for breaking and entering.
    • Adam was found semi-conscious and moaning outside of the greenhouse. He was soaked in fresh blood, and UMPD officers had to cut off his clothes.
    • No one has ever identified Adam as having been inside the greenhouse.

Concerns with document entitled REFERENCE: 97-1130-Officer D. Ortiz - 10/22/97

The police statement summarized in this report by officer Ortiz is edited by a supervisor who has neglected to sign the report. Officer Ortiz has not signed his statement. The statement is dated 10/22/97. Adam’s incident was on 9/27/97.

Officer Ortiz was dispatched with Officer Boothe (#67) in response to an intrusion alarm at the Morrill Green Houses.


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